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Final negotiations update on my case:
Thanks RVAGuy.

I was able to convince the dealer to add the 2290 to my 8K discount. So finally this gave me 10290 off MSRP which as you said brought down license/registration and sales taxes further.

I feel there could have been a little more scope because this includes my loyalty bonus which I wish I knew earlier.
Anyways, I think I am happy since other 2 dealers were NO WHERE close to this offer mainly because I was doing a custom build.
Order punched in today !!

Originally Posted by RVAGuy View Post
Rebate as I recall is about $2K and you only need to borrow $7.5K and you can payoff after 4 months. Strikes me as a great deal.
Don’t know how sales tax is calculated in your state however you might be better having dealer increase discount $2290 vs making your final three lease payments. Lowering your net price may lower your sales tax.
My theory is you push until they say “no”.
Good luck.