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Yikes. sorry. just corrected the month. lol what was I thinking.

Yea, I have been staying up very late every night just reading and reading. I spoke to PureTec today. They provide industrial grade solution for DI water. Their recommended solution is to buy 2 tanks, feed output of one tank to other and use 2nd tank's output for car wash. The 2nd tank polishes the DI water. Since you get about 700-800gallons for 65$ a tank with 15$ monthly rental, I am now thinking I can wash -> ph neutral foam -> rinse all with DI water without breaking my wallet and touching the car.

Here's a guy who shifted from CRSpotless to Puretec. You can see the 2 tank system at 2:56 mark.

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Time travel back ? wishful thinking. (your dates).

Thank you for good stuff on cleaning supplies. It is completely impossible to find touch free car washes these days.