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Hey, soooo, here's something interesting about BMW:

Last night while researching the X5 45e (possibly BMW's best vehicle right now, certainly the best value) I discovered that BMW seems to be converting *all* 2021+ x40i vehicles to "mild hybrid", i.e., all 2021+ sedans w/ six cylinder ICE will get an inline 11 HP e-motor with 48v battery

Like every line EXCEPT the Ms (obvs), and X-line which apparently requires a re-design thus the X5 45e (basically an X5 40i w/ inline 6cyl+111hp e-motor)

So it's looking more and more like BMW is quietly going hybrid-electric with their best sellers to condition consumers to electric, while loudly introducing halo all electrics, with the X5 45e being a quietly announced PHEV in-between: it's not an i-line, but more electric than their mild hybrids, and plug-in.

Said differently, the new standard BMW drivetrain is electric hybrid.

Weird, huh? Did everybody know about this except me? Am I interpreting this wrong??

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I thought the next M4 was going to be a flying car powered by bloomin' onions and a teaspoon of mayonnaise. At least that's what I read on the internet @

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