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New member here, appreciate the collective wisdom and knowledge in this forum!
Coming from MB and Audi, thinking about getting a BMW next. Prefer a compliant ride but also want to experience a performance vehicle, so planning on leasing a X5MC.
Here are a couple of lease quotes I got from nearby dealers in Houston, Texas.
15k miles per yr/ 36 months.
Quote 1
Selling price- $123795.00 ( No discount)
Residual - 53%
MF- .00158 ( 3.792% APR)
Initial payment: $2500 ( First month payment and fees)
Monthly payment- $2192.61

Quote 2
Selling price- $119800 ( 3.2% discount)
Residual - 53%
MF- .00118 ( 2.832%APR)
Acquisition fee- $925
TTL and Doc fees- $335.00
Monthly payment-$2176.00
Initial payment- $2176.00

My credit score is 830+.

I ran the numbers for the second quote thru multiple online calculators and monthly payments are supposed to be about $1830-1861, what am I missing?
I did not look further into the first quote due to no discounts and jacked up MF.

Both are for 2021 custom order for a X5MC with Driving assistance, Executive pkg and B&W.

Thank you and Looking forward to your opinions.