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Originally Posted by eagle_bmw View Post
I think I was the first who reported this. I had 5AP removed and 8TL added and I swear I tried OTA at least 10 times and always got nothing. Immediately after putting everything back I got OTA. That was like less than 10 minutes after I tried OTA with modified FA.

mandomedic122 had the same 07/2019.55 version and modified FA and couldn't OTA and wanted to verify my observation. Unfortunately he had some other more pressing issues with the car with the dealer upgrading his to 03/2020.xx.
So the easy fix would be to revert your FA back to stock - but don't code any ECUs. That way the car still thinks it's "stock" but the ecus will still work as if coded with the modified FA.

For future reference, when you VO code, you do not need to write the modifed FA back to the car's computer. What token master recommends is that you make your FA changes, save the FA on your computer, read SVT/ECU, code the ECUs you need to get your VO coding to work.

When you do it this way, you never technically change the FA on the car's computer. You're essentially tricking the car's ECU into thinking it has options it doesn't.

This will work just as well as long as you don't code ECUs using the stock FA after you've done your VO coding. However, once you've VO coded, there would be no reason to code ECU.

For any future VO coding, just load up your modified FA you saved on your computer and make any necessary edits.

Now the question I have is can you take an FA file from 11/2019.70 and use it for 03/2020.40 and still be OK? I wouldn't risk it, but that just means you have to redo all your VO coding - which isn't that hard anyway. Just make sure you do your VO coding before your FDL coding.