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Now the question I have is can you take an FA file from 11/2019.70 and use it for 03/2020.40 and still be OK? I wouldn't risk it, but that just means you have to redo all your VO coding - which isn't that hard anyway. Just make sure you do your VO coding before your FDL coding.
If you are coding using an offline saved FA then as you say the car's FA is not used. That means esys is reading the xml from your local computer. Does the xml change between i-step?

You can check this yourself by comparing your backups. Is there any difference whatsoever, other than if you change build date or options?

I don't believe there is. You can even generate and use your own FA from scratch.
I have backup from 07/2019.55 and can read FA from my OTA's 11/2019.70 and check diff. I don't have any coding done right now so both files should be stock.
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