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Originally Posted by eagle_bmw View Post
"What token master recommends is that you make your FA changes, save the FA on your computer, read SVT/ECU, code the ECUs you need to get your VO coding to work. "

This is exactly what I did. How do you write FA back to the car computer?

To restore I read my backup FA xml (I diff'ed it against current with 5AP in it and no 8TL) and did what you mentioned above. I may be doing something wrong so it would be great to know how to do it correctly.
Sounds like you've done it the same way I do it. To write the FA back to the the car there's a few extra steps - here's a youtube video. However, it's not required to write the FA to the car. The only benefit is when you "READ FA" at the beginning of a coding session it will already have the VO parameters removed. However, READ FA and LOAD FA fundamentally do the same thing, so there's zero to gain by writing it back to the car - unless I'm overlooking something.