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Originally Posted by NEfan508 View Post
Same dates here

Week 5, I called Bmw they said 27th but add a week for transportation to your Massachusetts dealer give or take a few

my original order was from November but the dealer F'd up, I was on Christmas vacation returning on January 6th the next day I was picking it up but the truck was not what I ordered, (no M sport) I had to show my confirmation sheet that we signed etc, they blamed Bmw, waited a few days then they just ordered it again, this time I confirmed the #'s and checked the site for progress and it mirrors your order schedule

to be honest, I'm not aggravated how the dealer mess up, I'm mad @ my self for not confirming everything and keeping track of the build, I did it December 2018 for my M2C, fun process but thought since it's just an x5 no need

Problem is January 27 plus a week we're now talking early February, I'm going out of country for 2 weeks on 2-6-2020, I'm not sure but my luck the truck is on site the day I fly out
Very nice! Glad it worked out and you were able to place another order quickly. Let's see how the schedule goes for us. By the way, you might want to redact your VIN from the image you posted (you never know what someone might do with it - better safe than sorry!)
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