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Originally Posted by Mingwan View Post
I read on the internet that liberals donít like garlic, and that they donít have reflections.

I find it amusing when someone asks my political affiliation. I usually tell them which ever one I think will piss them off more.
I was a registered democrat for a number of years, only because they were the ones doing on-campus voter registration and I figured it would mess with their voter statistics when I voted the opposite way. Closed primaries have mostly made this obsolete if you care about influencing the Dem/Repub nominee at the executive level.

Generally vote the issues at the candidate level so Iíve voted for state and local politicians from the other party if they were centrist, but there donít to seem to be many of those. Seriously wish there was a 3rd party candidate for President who had a chance in hell so we can get out of this 2-party dogma.
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