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Aggressively driving M340 - am sideways in that car on every roundabout. My kids cal lit drifting car.. And then i can hand it over to my wife and she can commute to work in comfort without me worrying that she will spin out on every corner in the rear wheel drive M3.
Funny thing is my wife hates my M340. Says it's too uncomfortable and bumpy

Can't imagine how she'd react to an M3.
She's quite right. The 3 series suspensions are horribly tuned. The E90 generation was the best.

I drive an M2 competition and the suspension is taut. It makes you feel good going over bumps and keeps the car balanced and in control. Not like 3 series, shakes up the whole chassis and feels like the car is not on rails. M3 competition will be very good and your wife might actually like gliding the car over bumps.
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