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I believe G05 X5 does not have a mechanical link from steering column to steering rack, but I could be wrong. The steering rack is definitely electrical, but I am having trouble finding full diagrams and/or description.

Or maybe it does, that thing above the 2 in the diagram?
That diagram is of the integral active steering system that you can option the X5 with ($1,150 USD for the xdrive40i or "free" standalone option on the M50i.... or part of the DHP package) here in the US, not sure about the packages for Canada.

Even with the IAS option, that's simply referring to an additional planetary gear and electric motor attached to the traditional rack and pinion setup. So you still have a physical, mechanical connection to the front wheels.

That autoblog article is simply referring to the feeling, which according to them is close to the feeling you get in a steer-by-wire setup in the sense that road feel is minimized (or in steer-by-wire's case, completely non-existent).

All that aside though, I was comparing my Infiniti's steer-by-wire setup to my M340i for my non-complaints about the 3 series when responding to buckybadger. My G05 is for comfort family hauling anyway
Hm. I've started a new thread about G05 steering system to try to get to the bottom of it. Apologies to all for spreading likely inaccurate info in a couple of posts over time ... but that's what I like about such discussions — it forces one to question unintended assumptions and figure out the reality.
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