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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
Regardless, for us enthusiasts a full-EV Macan would be a blow. My father bought a new Macan S about a year ago and I absolutely love rowing through my own gears, seeing those aggressive quad pipes, and listening to the exhaust note in that thing.
I bought a Macan GTS about a year ago - the first time since 2002 I haven't had a BMW as my primary vehicle. The sound of the exhaust is probably one of the best aspects of owning this vehicle. If they move to pure electric it will be very tempting to buy a GTS or Turbo the last year they offer them with the ICE.

With that said, for our X5, we started with an F15 diesel in 2014, then an F15 PHEV in 2017, and now awaiting the G05 45e. For this vehicle the PHEV is absolutely ideal, for all of the reasons noted in the video. I loved getting 800-1000 miles on a tank with the 40e and still being able to drive 200 miles on a trip without having to think about where we'll recharge. It's the best of both worlds and with the 45e, even better.