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I think we may well look back in the future and see how battery electric cars are a niche and interim solution

They suit some people very well but I don't think work for the majority of people.
Governments are pushing us to use these but I'm not sure I have 100% faith in their decisions!

You may have heard of the case where in Australia someone bought a Nissan Leaf ( first generation ev ) and it got to about 7-8 years old and required a new battery. That came to A$ 33000 and effectively wrote off the car. So a car viewed as sustainable only lasted 7-8 years.

My view is that hydrogen fuel cells are the future but that's not to say there is still a lot to figure out and build out the infrastructure.

Cars are supposed to be convieninet and hunting around for a charger is not my idea of that.

The 45e engine does sound like a good idea. Best of both worlds, straight 6 and smooth refund drive around town