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Originally Posted by adc View Post
You mean, you love flicking your pinkie on the paddleshift? Rowing your own gears implies a manual transmission I think.

Regardless, the Macan is mostly bought by soccer moms doing the local school runs and book club sorties, not by adventurous males carrying kayaking gear to Niagara Falls. The ICE demise in that model will be welcomed with open wallets by that demographic.
You know what I'm getting can toss the physical shifter to the left and row throw gears yourself. Much more engaging than not being able to change your gears at all in an EV.

Soccer moms still want to take their families on road trips. Even with Tesla's extensive supercharger network, it is still a headache for people to travel and stop every several hours. It's exponentially more inconvenient to charge non-Tesla EVs.
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