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I have always driven a V8s (since 1995), currently drive a C7 Stingray and a 550ix. I drive 20K miles / year, 30mile one way commute. I was looking at the M5, M550, and ended up ordering a X5 45e this week. I don't know why, I did not start out thinking I would buy a hybrid, but man this truck just checks a lot of boxes. What is the 3 year residual on the truck currently? I ordered a fairly well equipped X5, MSRP at 83K, got 7% off, $3K finance, then take the 7500 off that, leaving me at about 16K off sticker, which looking at the tech in this truck, IMO is a hell of a bargain. I would think the biggest question on the 5-10 year horizon is what will the batteries cost to replace, no? Does anyone have info on that?