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Originally Posted by russelldav View Post
When I used to have a pickup I connected my brake controller to a wiring harness in the truck, not the 7 pin connector on the hitch as that is what the trailer connects to. Maybe I'm being a bit slow but I don't follow what you mean.

Presumably the cigarette lighter is just for power, so how is the brake signal getting to the trailer with the setup you describe?
It's wireless, hence Prodigy Wireless Brake Controller! One module, inside the car plugged into the 12v outlet, establishes the peak brake force which is wirelessly transmitted and stored on the controller module which will mount on your trailer and plug into the 7 way on the vehicle which is where it gets power. The 7 way from the trailer then plugs into the Prodigy controller module you just mounted on the trailer. The controller module (trailer) has an accelerometer that senses brake input and applies a proportionate amount of braking force up to the limit you established with the first module in the car. You can leave the module in the car connected to vary the peak force as you drive or you can disconnect it and the controller module (trailer) will remember your peak force value you previously set.

In-car module to set braking force
Module on trailer which is the actual controller

Controller in car (hardwired)--->7 way on car--->Trailer
Force module in car~~~> | 7 way on car--->Prodigy Controller on trailer--->Trailer

If it still doesn't make sense you can always google it, see the mfr site, etrailer, or Amazon.
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