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Originally Posted by TurtleBoy View Post
I was excited when the color came out as I was thinking it would be the color of my next one. I went to see it in person and was really disappointed in it for some reason. I keep looking at the pics I took that day and am leaning heavily towards it again and will have to see it in person once again. Unfortunately the wife calls it a "hideous color" so I have some winning over to do there should I still want to get it. LOL
It's definitely different I'll give you that lol.

My wife and I actually had the opposite reaction, in pictures we were on the fence about it. Once we saw it in person we were sold. I think the only concern we had was that in certain light it looks very purple, but having had it for nearly a week now I can say that hasn't been an issue (although Chicago isn't really known for scorching sunlight, so perhaps our purple day is yet to come).

Most people that see it are a bit confused and think it's a shade of maroon, and I suppose that's the beauty of it, it looks different in different situations.