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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
Actually look at what he hasn't done. He has won a few sporadic races in that "dog of a car" but it was pretty clear all he did was actually step it up a notch and drive. Most of the time all he does is bitch about his team sucking or his car not being competitive when in reality he is simply not trying.

Go back and watch the races he won, most of them he didnt really get lucky, he might have gotten a small break to sort of give him a glimmer of hope, and then he "wakes up" and makes a huge drive to a podium.

I have no respect for someone who can do nothing but criticize his team when it's himself he has to blame.
Another thing that Alonso does better than any other current driver,is being able to explain to the engineers how to to set up a car for each race.
Kimi is great,just no desire to be the best(too mellow,too much partying)