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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
Playing all classes into NM to see which I like best as a main. So far my Wizard has nearly completed NM at lvl 44 and I have a Witch Doctor who just started at lvl 33. Both classes are insanely fun casters but very different at the same time. I feel like the Witch Doctor has more explosive burst damage where the Wizard has more sustainable damage (WD damage relies on Soul Harvest which needs multiple enemies.) Thy both have excellent crowd contol, the Wiz has more to choose from, but the WD as a nice meat shield in the Gargantuan. The only downfall of the WD is you really only use the same offensive 2 or 3 spells (Soul Harvest + Direbats) from level 1 to 60, whereas the Wiz has a bit more to choose from. A Wizard was the first to solo Inferno Diablo, so that gives me hope as I hear they are a little weak during Inferno.

Starting the Demon Hunter now, followed by the Monk once Dan@UnitedBMWOnline finally gets online!
I absolutely love my DH... Tossing traps, luring monsters with a few shots, and vaulting away for them to get destroyed by the traps (or stuck) is tons of fun. I have noticed if I get walled or something and I get beat on, I am pretty squishy, but obviously a ranged DPS class isn't supposed to take a beating like that. You have so many tools to get away, vanish, vault, evasive fire... I'm like level 20 now, so not very high, but enjoying it a lot.
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