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I've been a watch nut since I was very young. My mother managed a few jewelry stores and I was hooked. Then as a 13th birthday present my parents got me SCUBA diving lessons as it was something I was also very interested in, so of course I wanted a SUB, but that was the early 70's and my folks weren't going to buy me a ROLEX when I was 13, or really for a very long time. My mother said she would get me one when I finished school, alas she left the business and the employee deal was gone. I did get a really nice SEIKO dive watch for my 16th though. Fast forward a bit, I ended up going to college for commercial diving and then for dive medic and took a job working in the field, left that job and joined the police dept. and the underwater recovery team, got married etc. When my son was born in '94 I bought myself a Rolex Seadweller as I had done a lot of chamber and mixed gas diving that's what really spoke to me.

So divorce and remarry, my lovely wife treats me very well and has been quite successful. We end up buying a sailboat after a near death experience (mine), so I bought her a Rolex Yachtmaster and now she's hooked. She got me a beautiful Speedy man on the moon and I got her Planet Ocean with the orange strap, she loves orange and then when we were in Vegas last year the jewelry store in the lobby had Shinola watches, so we grabbed her one. A limited production model. I'm retired now so will have to monitor the spending and watches might have to stop as a hobby as I want to do lots of other things.

I won't say I have a grail watch, because for me there are so many. It's like cars and everything else. Although I think the grail car would be a Porsche Singer, but that's how I feel today....tomorrow maybe something else.