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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
Itís 5 in case you canít count....and a win is a win. Dominance over 15 years and still going. Pats will be just fine in 2018.

Iggles are just another blip on the radar screen....dust in the wind. Talk to me after they start with dominating their own division season after season.
Its' 3.. Seahawks was a loss... in case you can't read.. and the falcons game was the falcons folding like a cheap suit. 5 minus 2 = 3. Third grade math.

it's 17 years Belicheat was hired in 2000... you have real trouble counting. The division the Patriots are in is loaded with chumps... they are lucky to be in that division. An easy 6 wins every year.

And relax. I know it's tough to get over the SB loss to a backup QB...

I have an idea. it's lunch time.... order yourself a philly special.. bahahahaha
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