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Originally Posted by PA135ii View Post
Its' 3.. Seahawks was a loss... in case you can't read.. and the falcons game was the falcons folding like a cheap suit. 5 minus 2 = 3. Third grade math.

it's 17 years Belicheat was hired in 2000... you have real trouble counting. The division the Patriots are in is loaded with chumps... they are lucky to be in that division. An easy 6 wins every year.

And relax. I know it's tough to get over the SB loss to a backup QB...

I have an idea. it's lunch time.... order yourself a philly special.. bahahahaha
I know the numbers moron, you are the one counting like a 4yr old...but then again you are an IGGLES fan. A WIN is A WIN. And you are actually disputing the GREATEST come back in SB history?

Listen you think I havenít heard your song before??? Plezzzz.

And another thing...even tho Foles was technically the back up he was a starter so letís not act like he was some rookie QB that saved your season. Veterans are expected to step up.

And besides donít you have more of your own city to destroy and set on fire!!!
Hey Philly learn how to win and not embarrass yourselves...