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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Or a brother. But since I tried to rescue his boat when his partner dropped it at the mechanic and then went to Italy for 3 weeks, I've tried to lay low. He asked me to buy somebody out, but I wasn't sure if him or his partner. "My kid's in college cough, cough I can't afford one"

Once you've been on private boats, it's hard to go back to the cattle boats. That tarpon quest via fly is just a whim. I learned with my brothers and dad on a father's day outing several years ago, but little brook trout don't seem to measure up, at least to the videos.
It is somewhat true depending on what kind of boat and what you are fishing for. I have been fishing on my friend's 39' Tiara boat since last year. We had to spend a lot of time preparing for food/tackles/etc...and cleaning up before and after every trip. It is getting a little tired and some trips we would only catch few fish. Certainly different experience and it is not for everyone, especially when we are talking about the fuel cost and maintenance on such boats.

Party/castle boats are good if all you want to do is to catch fish. Only downside is the bunk beds are small on most of these boats.

I went out with 3 trips on party boats this year and caught 4 bluefins already. Been very happy. The friend I am going out on his boat with does not have experience looking for these BFT, but I know he wants them bad. Trying to help him land on one on his own boat.