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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
locker room might be solid, but the team wont be.

top 5 draft pick here you come. maybe you can get an actual 1st round qb this next time.
Not sure how long you've been watching football but the Giants have picked in the top 5 like 12~ times in the last hundred years.

I can't wait to see all of you eating crow as it relates to Daniel Jones. It has already begun.

That being said, we were the best offense in the NFCE last year. With Zeitler and Remmers we should be even better.

Our biggest concern is pass rush but Carter and Ximines should be putting some nice pressure.

Originally Posted by baconbits View Post
And once the Browns make the playoffs, their fans, myself included, will never be called fair weather fans.

7-8-1 with an interim head coach for 11 games after an 0-16 season is a pretty big rebound. I can't understand how they're being counted out when almost every analyst says the Browns have the best receivers in the league with a future franchise QB. Having a QB that can get the ball out of his hands in less than 10 minutes takes a lot of pressure off the o-line so that excuse is now void.
I'm not even trying to say anything bad about the Browns. They've just got to dig themselves out of a serious hole. They bounced back really well by nailing a few drafts but I don't think you'll be going to the playoffs the first year with Freddie Kitchens.