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A lot of you knocked the democrats in this thread with respect to how America is doing lately. While a worthwhile argument to be sure, it is the antithesis of what this thread was meant to entail.

It is important to remember that even the worst politicians currently running for office - even if Bernie Sanders was president with a democrat house and senate and enacted the majority of the insane ideas he has - this country will still be exponentially better than the country in which I took those photos.

That is what I am trying to express - we are so far above the majority of the world - that even if we fell by 90% due to some of the crazy ideas that some of the more recent politicians are touting - we would still be an exponentially better place to live than most of the world.

I just felt it important to note that many of us get bent out of shape about the opposing political party - but it is important to remember that even the most extreme visions for America that some politicians have are still far better than many other countries in the world.

Anyone interested in additional photos from some of my other fun vacation spots, lol? If so, just let me know - I am happy to post.
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