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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
Its kind of sad when you look at photos of countries that clearly have a long history, culture and were clearly moving forward at some point and then to see them know with such inflicted damage and devastation. Some of the comments here might be tongue in cheek but these photos should remind all of us regardless of political views to remain vigilant to protect what those of us who are lucky enough to live in the first world western democracies have and enjoy. Thanks for posting these.
Yep, it is quite sad. That is the overarching feeling I had while over there - sadness.

The first set is from mostly around Homs and in the northeast sections of Syria. These were from around 2001 - a decade before civil war broke out and just after Bashar came to power. Most of the damage you see is from skirmishes between the SAA and Kurds. Most of those areas are nothing but rubble these days. Homs is almost 2,000 years old, I believe.

The second set is from Sierra Leone, I believe from about 1998. This was just after the civil war cease fire. This country has never done well and is basically the poster child for most African Colonies. Once becoming an independent state, corruption, coup's, graft, and poverty reigned.

The third set of photos is from Somalia. This was during the height of the civil war in the mid 1990's. Many of those photos are from Mogadishu, and a few others are further northwest, into the area surrounding Beledweyne. These photos are from nearly a decade before Al-Shabaab came in and decimated that town.
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