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Originally Posted by Torgus View Post
Saying China is hurting is missing the point. Yes, they are hurting pretty bad, but it's like trying to mud-wrestling with the pig. Sure you're winning but so what. Ain't no beef there, only pork :-)

The problem on the US side is there does not seem to be a clear objective.

1. Is the trade war is meant to prevent China from getting bigger?
2. If China gets big so be it, but the trade war is to force China playing fair regardless?

To me it's a no win situation.

If 1, then it's going to be a draw out game with no end game in sight. It's will just be back and forth like Afghanistan but in term of economics. That is we are just going to squeeze China until all its juice comes out :-) (They should hire me for this job)

If 2, then it's still a no win game because China is not going to play fair because for them it's do or die. If they going to play fair, eventually they will lose control of their country because their entire economy will be taken over by Western corporations simply because their companies are just inferior to their western counterparts, all the hypes not withstanding.

There is an option #3. Both sides can come up with a faked solution to save face. The agreement will not be of any substance but it will let both sides to declare victory.

So back to the original question, will Trump cave in with option #3?

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