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Originally Posted by ///M4ster Yoda View Post
I live in NY (large population area). I've seen 15 i3's and 10 i8's in the wild over the last 5 years. No exaggeration.

I see 1 Tesla for every 200 cars on a daily basis. Not a good percentage IMO. Sure in California every Tom Dick and Harry thats "saving" Mother Earth is "driving" one. The rest of the USA not so much. I do see the occasional 530e but even that's kinda rare.

Not sure Americans (-Cali) are really ready or that into electric vehicles. Range anxiety etc etc... are holding a lot of people back. That and Americans want big gas guzzling trucks/SUVs.

Edit: I don't care about worldwide sales where governments are "forcing" the populations to "adopt" electric vehicles.
As much as New Yorkers like to think otherwise, New York is not the world.

That said, I’m not sure it’s a car that makes sense in NYC. If you can’t charge at home, which I’d imagine most people can’t in NYC, it would be pretty annoying. DDing an ev is so much less annoying they getting gas every 2-3 days as I was before. But, if I had to wait for the car to charge, even on a fast charger? That would be a deal breaker for me.

People are nuts in how much range they think they need. I have a battery only i3, and we’ve put 20,000 miles on it in the last 6 months (since we bought it). I’m pretty sure that’s way more than most people drive (40,000 miles/year), and range has never been even slightly an issue for us.

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