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Originally Posted by ThatKrazyPolak View Post
I always have a problem with such brands being labeled as "luxury" brands. Sure, BMW's cost a premium because it is a luxury brand, but you are ultimately paying for a better handling vehicle.

I was born in the states, but being of European descent, I was brought up with the mindset that European brands, although pricier, are of better quality. Although our world is changing, I still believe this is relatively true. Just go to Europe and taste the food for gods sake.

Infuriating how CNBC follows the quintessential American tropes of your paying for a luxury vehicle when you are in essence, paying for better engineering.

If you don't have " f you" money and are buying these cars just for the badge or to keep up with the joneses, your an idiot.
Depends on your definition of quality.

Does it relate to
Maintenance intervals?

For example compared to a Toyota V6 it costs about the same to replace the valve cover gasket on a N55. The difference is that the gasket on the Toyota will fail at 2x-3x the mileage that it typically fails on the N55. This has not changed in decades.

BMW simply refuses to use gasket material which can last over 100k miles. So in the eyes of many this is a sign of poor quality.
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