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It’s already TOO LATE.

If you buy any GM vehicle you give consent for them to track your vehicle’s telemetry by activating ON-STAR. And it’s not something you can clearly opt out, since the sales drones activate all that sh*t for you before you even drive it off the lot.

The only way to opt out is physically calling GM through ON-STAR and cancel the service, and sit through 35 minutes of them trying to keep you subscribed so they can sell your telemetry and driving data to insurance companies. It’s a practice that more car makers are likely to adapt, if they haven’t already done so. Since every “connected” car has the capability to send telemetry to the mothership, I’d be surprised if no other car manufacturers capture all your driving data for one reason or another.

You just don’t hear about it because they’re not all as clumsy as GM. As soon as I started getting “your average speed is higher this month than last” emails from them I called and said eff you guys. Cancel EVERYTHING that is connecting me to your servers or I call a lawyer.

I suspect they’re still collecting data, but just not informing me about it.
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