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Originally Posted by Salty Dog View Post

The evidence that I have is his wife citing that the number one reason for their divorce, then posting on twitter that he was still cheating a year ago.

Those cheating statistics in my experience, make people less willing to marry and trust their spouse, to trust and admire the opposite sex, etc etc.
Which I feel helps perpetuate things like feminism, and anti-men movements, and metoo movements, etc etc. It certainly doesn't help them.

I still struggle with trust issues, because I've watched my entire family (parents and aunts and uncles) all divorce by the time I was 17. Which influenced the relationships with the only two girlfriends I had, in that I wouldn't get close to them because "you're just gonna leave" and I don't speak up for my needs in a relationship because my needs, even to this day are ignored and when I speak up about needs I get responded with argument about why I don't need those things. Which is kinda a different topic I won't get into. But you get the point.
So you clearly have a lot of concern about infidelity, I don't care about Bryant's infidelity frankly because I don't have the energy to worry about some rich famous person cheating as it doesn't effect me. The only point I was trying to make was that the folks that are holding him out as some kind of saint need to know that he isn't and that if you hold someone out to be something they are not they shouldn't be surprised when it get's point out that he isn't. I find it surprising how many people are willing to completely ignore his misdeeds.