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So you clearly have a lot of concern about infidelity, I don't care about Bryant's infidelity frankly because I don't have the energy to worry about some rich famous person cheating as it doesn't effect me. The only point I was trying to make was that the folks that are holding him out as some kind of saint need to know that he isn't and that if you hold someone out to be something they are not they shouldn't be surprised when it get's point out that he isn't. I find it surprising how many people are willing to completely ignore his misdeeds.
I think reading through this thread the same can be said that some people are just focusing on his misdeeds. So it becomes an argument of his sins vs his philanthropy work. Personally I feel like the young Kobe was an ass that made very poor decisions. But by age 41 he had matured and seemed more humble. He was doing good things for different organizations and was just getting started. But some people don't care about his philanthropy work and just want to focus on his mistakes. So your point seems to work both ways.