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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
You must have never heard of a Hyundai Elantra... I have driven one, sat inside one and touched almost every panel inside it. I can assure you that standard wise, quality wise, integrity wise and look wise it is on par with a 1 series BMW. Either way, cost wise it's an irrelevant argument because it pertains to American cars even up to $100K.
I've sat in one as well, and it definitely does have a unique design going for it, but hardly ergonomic or laid out for ease of operation. It's made to look really nice and unique, which it accomplishes. Also, I don't know what you're talking about in terms of quality materials with the Elantra as compared to other makes.... I sat in an Avenger yesterday which may not have had the unique layout of an Elantra, but the materials were absolutely on par with it. I'm assuming the Dart's interior will be made of similar materials.

That being said, American automakers still aren't where we'd like them to be in terms of interior quality and design, but to say that they haven't made strides recently is nothing but ignorant.