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Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
9mm is good but 40 is mbetter for stopping power. Hollow tips all day unless at the range. The 380 is smaller than my wallet and weighs less than a soda can. Good for carry in front pocket. Laser turns on automatically when its removed from the holster. Depending on what im wearing its the 380 or 40 for carry. Shotgun for home defense. Rest are for fun, collecting, or range duty.
This is largely false. Well, not so much as false, but rather just as true as saying 9mm has more stopping power as .40 cal.

Stopping power comes from your familiarity and proficiency in using your firearm. A well placed shot from a .38 will have more stopping power than a .45acp hitting a non-vital part of the body.

Today's bullet tech has moved the 9mm back to the forefront in regards to choosing a tactical and defense caliber. The 9mm platform offers too many advantages for the .40cal to overcome. 9MM and .40 ballistics are near identical. Penetration tests show it to be on par and in some comparisons better than .40cal. You can carry more rounds in 9mm over .40cal. 9mm is generally a more manageable round. More manageable rounds are easier to keep on target. Staying on target = more stopping power. Plus it's less expensive to shoot, less wear and tear on the firearm and abundantly available. More ammo choices, etc. etc.. etc...

There is a reason nearly all LE agencies are moving back to 9mm.
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