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I disagree. The 40 has the same force as a 357 magnum. Police agencies have been widely adopting it. The original 45 was developed because at the turn of the 20th century our forces faced Polynesians with .38 specials. More powerful than 9mm. They would shoot the natives only to have them continue on to run them through with spears. The 45 was an instant man stopper. Dropped them instantly. If youre hit with a 45 anywhere besides below the elbow, you will drop and be out of commission instantly 98% of the time. 9mm would require double taps to produce the same effect. Yes, 9mm is lethal. Actually. 22 kills more people than any other round. But they don't have the instant stopping force of the larger caliber ammo. I carry the .380 a lot. Less power than 9mm but same size bullet. Hollow tips. If i need to ever use it which i hope is never, it will be a double tap.