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G05 X5 Performance Center Delivery Writeup

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To my fellow X5 owners and future owners,

If you have the chance to take delivery of your new BMW X5, or any other BMW, at the Performance Center in Spartanburg SC take from an 8 time BMW owner and DO IT!

We arrived at the Greenville Marriott over the weekend after the thanksgiving holidays. The hotel is 3 miles from the airport and we were greeted by a Marriott rep who took us to the hotel. The hotel is nicely located couple of miles from the airport. The hotel is in great shape with friendly staff, good restaurant, and lots of BMWs in the parking lot.

After dinner, I took a stroll around the hotel and in the hotel parking I came across an X5 M50D wt SC tags and took some pictures. There were also couple of BMW executive cars. Even the menu was BMW branded

The delivery day started with a nice hearty breakfast at the hotel, then we were dropped by the shuttle to the performance delivery center. They were super organized greeting us by name and providing us with an agenda of the day. We started with classroom instructions for 30 minutes, then we were hands on driving

You will be matched with a similar car that you are taking delivery of; in my case an X5. Although I ordered the X5 40i Msport, the car I got was an X5 40i Xline in moonlight color and air suspension, active steer, vernasca brown interior, 20" and regular brakes.

We did skidpad exercises using a 340i, then started braking and swerving tests with the X5, then we moved to 30 min track session with the X5. This was the first time I was able to drive the car close to the limit. The steering is accurate but with limited feedback. I could place the car within inches from apex cones, pickup is great even with the 40i and I was seriously carrying speeds of over 100+ MPH into the braking zone in wet conditions. The car turns on a dime with active steer, if you are on the fence get it. The rain stopped and the track started to dry and the speeds climbed to the point I was doing over 120mph on the straight in an X5.

Once the track session was done, it was time for a hot lap with Matt and/or Yohan. OMG these guys can drive. FYI - Matt is the driver who drove the F10 M5 which supplied the fuel for the new G series M5 Driven by Yohan while braking the drift record. Met the guys and they are super nice and great instructors. In case you have not seen it, here is the link to it

I have over 30 track days experience under my belt, and can hold a drift and change direction easy. The hot lap with Matt made me realize how much more there is to learn on a platform like the M3...anyhow I am digressing now back to the X5.

We moved to the factory tour, then it was time for the offroad course. Waw I was blown away...the same car that was pulling gggs on the track was climbing rocks with 2 wheels suspended in the air. Very impressive, still I dont think I would take my X5 rock crawling. The car plunged in a mud field and handled 2 feet of standing water standard without a snorkel.

It was time for lunch and a brake. After lunch we were escorted to the delivery bay where our X5 was ready for us. The rep stayed with us for 2 hours going over every aspect of the car. There is a lot that is not documented yet in the forums....but the idrive 7 is a huge leap forward. We spent 1 hour just going over idrive and still on the way home we were still learning and discovering new things. Keep in mind we are coming from an F10 535 and an F80 M3 and we are seeing major leaps in the idrive in particular.

The car looks exceptionally great, it drove smooth for over 450 mile averaging 28mpg while taking us back home. Good luck on your new purchases and enjoy the car.

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