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Originally Posted by pikkagtr View Post
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99.9% of peer reviewed scientists disagree. There is always a small percentage that will disagree with mainstream.

I have studied it since 1981. I have done the math. Like i said before the odds of having the 20 hottest global years in the last 25 years is like one out of a billion.

But I have also said its gone to far to change. I'm also pragmatic. The science is interesting.
Do we know if it was globally hotter for a stretch of say 50 yrs in for example the 1450s?
If that data isn't available how can we assume we have had the :
20 hottest global years in the last 25 years is like one out of a billion.

I'm not a climate change conspiracy nut
I'd just like more data before making an informed decision either way

What was the global temperature in the 11th century ? The 2nd century
500BC? Etc you get the point
not to worry pikk, the pesky Medieval Warm Period and the annoying Roman Climate Optimum were both declared not-to-have-happened by Michael Mann. we know this is so because neither event appears on Prof. Mann's famous Hockey Stick Graph....that's the graph repeatedly referred to in Al Gore's slide show, and also the one the IPCC relied on for its Summary For Policy Makers.