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Originally Posted by scottjays View Post
I would prefer the night blue headliner and pushed my CA hard but he pushed back so much harder. insisting the head liner in XD5 would be white. told me he confirmed it area rep...he told me if I over rode his info and did XD5 if it came in white I would need to leave a depo and sign a doc saying I would agree to buy vehicle with white headliner. I guess I am going to end up loving Anthracite Alcantara
Your CA sounds like a genuine douche. I wouldn't put up with that crap. Be sure to reflect his attitude in your survey. Either way, it sounds like he'll be back to selling headphones at Best Buy when the recession hits.

Curious, why dont you want the white? I think that would look pretty good with the ivory/blue. I'd chance it and spec XD5.