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Carson's numbers on vouchers are a bit elevated, because the housing prices in Cali are more than the national average.

We need to make a very definite distinction between economic homelessness, and vagrancy. HUD has very strict rules on providing housing vouchers, and the behavior of those who live in those units. Cleanliness, avoidance of crime, regular review of the income levels among many other requirements. If you are receiving the benefit, you have to tow the line of being at least a member of society.

The much more visible group that we see listed as homeless are vagrants. They are not wanting to be members of society. Some have some serious physical and mental issues, and these aren't currently the purview of HUD. We need some other safety net to address these people, but many of them don't want the help.

A very specific example here locally: There is a marine sanctuary area between 2 local cities. People (mostly vagrants) had taken up residency. After delivering eviction notices, police removed them. 30 people were contacted, and police came with several members of various organizations offering assistance. ONE took advantage.

You of all people, building container homes, should understand how stringent the rules are for Section 8 . ..