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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
I'd really like to here the rest of the story as we are for sure only getting one very slanted version of it. Are some of the problems CAs fault, of course yes. Are lot of them not, I'd say another of course yes, hence my comment of both sides actually working together.

The name calling BS needs to stop and should have nothing to do with good policy either way. Especially from the President of the US who has shown he doesn't give a shit who he hurts if he feels like getting revenge. Even if his supporters live in the area.

I couldn't disagree with you more about Carson, but that's ok.

If we want to have a frank discussion on which states receive the most federal money and if they deserve, let's take a peek at this list. There a whole bunch of read states that much bigger leeches off of the federal government's teets than CA.

Again, I think you are missing my point. I am not arguing whether CA needs help or not. There are merits, just as you say, for an argument either way. Some of the problems are results from CA politics and some are not as well.

The problem lies, however, in that the political leaders of CA have been very vocal against the Trump administration and the vitriol is endemic. They shouldn't be at all surprised that Trump might not wanna give them any money after they have been so spiteful to him in the past.

Now, with respect to your comments about this petty bickering between Trump and California - I agree that it should stop and it is petty and pedantic and has no place in legitimate business. Where I disagree with you is in who is to blame. I 100% feel that both Trump and California government officials are equally to blame - straight 50/50. Irrespective of who anyone feels 'started it first', both sides are poking each other with sticks. I agree it should end, but I also understand the reality in that it isn't going to end anytime soon.
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