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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
For some years now the powers that be in Cali were warned by many( smarter then them) about their idiotic policy of allowing the streets to become campgrounds for all sorts of people with all kinds of issues. The governors and mayors of these cities all scoffed and said we know what we’re doing mind your own fucking business, it’s our state.

Then they took it to the next level of crazy by calling illegal aliens to all come to the land of fruits and nuts, you’re all welcome here, everyone is welcome here, we’ll take care of you. All except President Trump he isn't welcome.

So the state with the highest taxes in the country looks like a 4th world country and is financially and morally going down the drain. They made that shithole state what it has become with their liberal, socialistic politics, let them live and stew in feces squalor. Enjoy your ripe sewer on the beautiful blue Pacific, Newsom, Pelosi, Garcetti and the rest.
Originally Posted by Zugzwang View Post

This is by far not a new problem. Only recently has it been blown to this proportion by todays current extreme leftist policies. These shanty towns that are populated by the homeless have been around a long time in cali as well as a number of other predominantly blue cities.

Trump has inherited this problem of past administrations and theres only few answers to it that i can see.

1. Go full on socialist and pay for the homeless till all the money runs out.
2. Go partial socialist and reopen government run mental and rehabilitation institutions to house and treat the mentally ill as well as rehabilitate the sane homeless to the point where they can become contributors to society.
3. Exert tough love to a boarderline socialist state by revoking special privileges and pushing the rules (said above) to force a state (with an economy thats larger than most countries) to fend for themselves and deal with the problem they alone created on their own.

Im no communist. One must work for their living.

Eg. when your adult stay at home kid wont clean their room let alone the mess behind them yet eats your food and pays no bills what does a parent do?

Watch the film. Its kinda a metaphore on how china paid off the elite to sell out their homeland for power.

And Trump is Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Actually. This rant gas a few beers in it. Its either relevant or incoherent. Lmao.

Anyways. Go pats!!! Jim brady and friends to the next super bowl title!!!
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