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Originally Posted by upsidedownfunnel View Post
With an automatic transmission and AWD, how could you possible mess it up? I'm sure the same is true for any AWD car with a well tuned automatic transmission.
If you've spent anytime at the track, even with AWD and no launch control, it's easy to have times considerably slower than what you CAN get depending on how you launch. Not rocket science, mainly just left foot holding brake and right getting RPM up to the right spot, but if done wrong (or if just flooring from a stop) your time can easily be a half second slower at the 1/4 mile than if you get it right.

I would assume that with all the drivers aids off, with the power these have even when dry and in a straight line it's possible to have wheel slippage on these too? I know some of the guys with the GLC63's had some issue with this at the track.