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X5 xDrive40i - 1/28 Order finalized [2/18 Update: Reached Dealer]

First of all I really need to thank many many people on this forum who helped me either directly through their responses or indirectly through their posts. It is because of you all that I went well prepared and was able to hold my ground while negotiating with 3 dealers today with one face to face and the other two on phone.

Specs: XDrive40i, xLine, Dark Graphite, 21 style 744 performance RF, Driving Assist Prof, Luxury Package, Park Assist Package, Premium Package, 2-axle AS, HK sound, Glass controls, Acoustic Glass, LED+Laser headlights.
Total Price MSRP : $76,970 (includes destination handling)
Discounts on MSRP : $8000

Current vehicle lease : 3 payments left. Dealer agrees to give fund the remaining 3 payments ( $2289 ) in addition above. I am told I can keep driving the current sedan until end of lease even after X5 arrives.
So effective discount : $ 8000 + $2290 = $ 10,290
My X5 effective price : $ 66,680

They will run my credit tomorrow and give me various financing options. But it appears that if I go through BMW FS there might be some additional rebate. I just need to see how the APRs are with respect to other banks.
Typically what rebates do you see with BMW FS loans?
I dont think I can push any further but wanted to check your views before I put ink on the paper.
Thanks all.

Order Placed 1/28 : Completed final negotiations and placed order.
Order Status :
1/28 : 111 - Order Received
1/28 : 112 - Scheduled for Production
1/31 : 150 - Production Started, VIN assigned

2/10 : Estimated completion date advanced from 2/14 to 2/12

2/12 : Quality check (10am ish)
2/12 : Awaiting carrier assignment (1pm ish)
2/13 : Vehicle on ramp to be picked up by United Road Services, Greer Terminal
2/14 : Greer Terminal pickup confirmed, in-transit.
2/18 : Dealer called - they received the car.

BMW mygarage tracking is so f'ed up I tell you. Since 2/15 mygarage shows Arrived at the Dealer. lol

Delivery planned for 2/19.

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