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I'm around 16.25% after discounts and incentives. Are people getting more?
What's your % off BEFORE incentives? It's much clearer to determine that way since some lease vs. finance, some have loyalty whereas some do not, and sDrive vs. xDrive also makes a difference in terms of incentive amount. If you want to compare apples to apples, always look at the % discount off MSRP before any incentives are applied. My take so far is that the average "fair" deal here seems to be about 8-9%, the "good deal" range seems to be about 9-10%, followed by 10-11% being a "very good deal," and anything more than 11% being a "great deal."
I like the way you put it. This is truely apples to apples comparison of how much one was able to extract the best deal in that month.
However for me the feel good factor is looking at how much the msrp came down in total for my specific calculations.
I am at 9.4% based on above but overall 13.5% for my financial consideration.

Amsa7151 - is your build or from inventory?