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Interested to hear your experience. Keep us updated!
Well, my first try at this didn't go as smoothly as yours. Received the unit on Sat morning, D440-0047, everything looks right. Hood up, car locked, take the key far away, wait 15min. Install harness in the two spots (3pin near the front, 4 pin in the middle), tie wrap everything. Car on, engine off, the unit LED lights up and ... everything from then on went badly. Summary:
  • the D-SPORT app on iOS mostly wouldn't find the unit at all (just sits there scanning for BT devices, finding nothing); but when it did find it and switched to an intro splash screen, it then immediately crashed within 0.5-1 seconds; tried reboots, swipe aways, re-installs ... on 3 different iPhone models (6, 8, and XR) with 3 different iOS versions (12.4.3, 13.3, and 13.3.1)
  • started engine, car idled rough then settled down after a few seconds; but if you give it a little revs (even below 3000 rpm), wouldn't spin up, be very rough, or even stalled a few times
  • decided to go slow around the block; CEL blaring, continuous stalling, barely made it back to the garage
Obviously I immediately removed it; car went back to normal, but I now have "permanent" CEL "boost pressure too high" codes everywhere.

Discussed with Dinan, they assert it's a defective unit and we've arranged for the my local distributor to get a replacement, should be in next weekend. That's good customer service, even on the weekend! But I sure hope it was a rare defect, was really looking forward to a simple gentle boost to stock. Wondering what warranty impact the CEL codes will have if there is an issue. Will report back after next weekend.
Sorry to hear. My guess is the CEL will clear on it's own after some driving cycles. That's how my F80 behaved when it had a piggyback it didn't like (ESS).

The app does indeed suck fwiw. It doesn't work on my latest Android decide (OnePlus 7 Pro). Works better on my older Galaxy S8 ... but feels like an app from 10 years ago.
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