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Seems Zerg still doesn't have a good way to deal with Heavy Air yet.

Hope that the Stalker Buff will make Protoss Ground-to-Air better versus mass Mutalisks. Haven't played any games in a long while, just started it up to download this patch...

Hopefully, the next patch gives Zerg some good anti-heavy-air (unless you teched for Mutas, you're screwed). If you went Mutas, you have to use them to harass vulnerable areas of an enemy's base, using their speed to outrun ground-to-air, and even most air-to-air.

Not sure about the Colossus nerf: they're really strong, but they're really expensive and take a long time to build.

Protoss players should be happy with the Ghost nerf, less radius to that EMP.

Hope that Roach nerf will make it so that it doesn't regenerate faster than you can damage it, even focus-fired.

Still doesn't look like there's a good answer to MMM, except maybe the increased damage done by Stalkers might help. What's Zerg to do against MMM other than a mix of Roaches and some well placed Banelings and some Hydras?

Believe it or not, that SCV nerf had to happen. I have a 1v1 Platinum League friend who I AT with. Our strat (which probably won't work now) was build 11 SCV's as fast as we could, send all but 1 to attack. Use that 1 to build a Supply Depot and continue making SCV's. We were 12-0 with that strategy. It would be strange to see SCV's beating other harvesting units AND tier 1 units.

What I would like to see are more maps: specifically maps that have bases without choke points and ramps.

FWIW: I have 2 extra beta keys...any takers?