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I thought I'd try something different with the ladder reset - rather than play to win, play to have fun.
It is more fun to get Nuke Strikes, and mass High Templar for Psi Storm, or get Zerg Banelings and self destruct all over the place, or Infestors and their abilities. However, you won't win trying to tech this way.
I ended up getting placed in Bronze League and have played 9 games since then.
We already have ladder abusers - I played a Terran player who was very good, did the build refineries on my gas geysers to slow my ability to gather gas. I was playing around and built a bunker next to my refineries and put marines in it to destroy his refineries. He left the game. Checked his stats after game, and he's a high-ranked Gold League.
You could say I'm abusing the ladder, but I'm going to keep playing this way. It's more fun to get special units and feel the satisfaction of a Nuclear Strike, or Psi Storm a mass of Marines than it is to have quick 3 minute games. So it's not really abuse is it? It's not like I'm not losing on purpose.

The patches have and haven't fixed some things.
Protoss AA has gotten better...except vs. mass Mutalisks.

Depending on topography, the Zerg can beat Collosi at great cost with ground units. This is obviously ill advised, however. Your best bet for taking down Collosi with Zerg is still air.

It's hard to say if MMM is counter-able now or not. I'm not playing at my usual Gold/Silver league so the players I'm playing with aren't nearly as good. I played a player using MMM and I was able to beat him with mass Hydralisks. I don't think he micro'ed at all though.

I did win a game vs Terran as Protoss using High-Templar, Immortals, Zealots, and Stalkers. They had all their upgrades (not counting the ones at the Forge), so Stalkers could Blink, and Zealots had Charge and their speed upgrade.
Although I won, there was an attack on his base where he had 3 Reapers. They can still out run and hit Zealots with no problem. Shoot a volley, run away, shoot a volley, run away. They can outrun Zealots enough that even with Charge, the Zealots can't get close enough to hit them.
Reapers will need some kind of nerf, as you can imagine in the hands of a skilled player, they can easily be abused. I think they should have an acceleration nerf - It takes them a bit to get up to speed.

The Immortals had a clear advantage against Siege Tanks, but once again, have a problem with Reapers. Reapers have two types of attack: these dual pistols and grenades. The grenades do heavy damage, and destroy buildings rather quickly. The pistols do light damage. Since the Immortals' shields work against heavy damage, the pistols the Reapers use ignore the shields and just start damaging the Immortals right away.

I also won a game where a Terran player first tried MMM but too late - and I Psi Stormed his masses to nothing.

Psi Storm is Painful!

Not Much Left but A Bloody Mess

I lose 1 Zealot, he loses 14 Marines.

He tried cloaked Banshees which lost to my High Templar's Psi Storm. Although cloaked, you can see the "Predator" looking cloak and AOE it.
I Hear Those Banshees are Real Screamers...When they're hit by Psi Storm

He then tried Battlecruisers which lost to High Templar again - Feedback and then Psi Storm. Feedback destroys an enemies "mana" and then damages them for the same amount of mana that was destroyed.
He told me High Templar are overpowered. I tried to argue that they're expensive 150 gas is a lot.
Psi Storm has already been nerfed - it's radius is smaller than before. Personally, I don't think it's overpowerd. If you're attacking a Psi-Storm base, you just have to micro your attack and count on the fact they're going to cast it. Pre-emptively move and they waste it. The High Templar are rather fragile and slow moving. You can target them pretty easily this way.
Interesting about the High Templar however, is that Feedback works really well versus Battlecruisers. Yamato Cannon in SC1 could be used to pick off High Templar. Not so much anymore. Yamato Cannon takes a while to charge up before being fired. Enough time for a vigiliant player to Feedback the Battlecruiser before it's fired - then it can't since it has no energy.

Before anyone says that that does sound overpowered, the Terran player didn't use any Terran Ghosts with EMP Shockwave. However, I guess a vigilant Protoss Player could theoretically use Feedback on a Ghost as well, but EMP has an AOE and more range. High Templar with no energy are useless. Further, Ghosts can cloak to try and get in to use their abilities (I know, most likely High Templar will be in the base, and not on the outskirts).

In Terms of Fun
I'm having the most fun playing as Protoss (mainly for Psi Storm). I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually.

The next most fun is Terran, getting those Nukes in.

Zerg is the hardest to have fun with. Their specialized unit is the Infestor, which can spawn Infested Terrans (die after a time period), and Fungal Growth which is AOE, DOT, and traps units in place. It's somewhat fun to get an Overlord to make a Changleling and have it roam around an enemies' base before they realize it's not their unit. Changelings are black globs that morph into a same-colored as your enemy (somewhat off-colored), Marine, Zealot, or Zergling that you control and can scout them with.

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