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Originally Posted by Dang3r
C'mon guys...5 mins? Thats the way into act 1 from start to the tavern or a started bounty whatever. Whats the trick? I got gem of ease on lvl36 and the hellfire ring and amulet on and had made it to 60 within 48 mins onto bounty...but you did obviously heavy other stuff.
The fastest way to plvl is to join someone else's lvl70 torment game. A lvl 1 character can play T3 straight up now. (You used to have to be lvl 61 to join torment games.)

All you got a do is not die. You will level like 10 levels every time they kill something.

If you can't do that and have to play on your own then start in T3 with a gem of ease, a hellfire amulet and 300+ paragon levels and it will take about an hour to get to 70.

And don't do story mode. Do bounties straight up and hit the neph rifts. Better monster density.