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Originally Posted by quiksi View Post
take a lvl 25+ gem of ease and cube it on a Leoric's crown with a maxed out ruby socketed in adds even more exp

I'm late to the party on season 5 but working on getting the last set of achievements to get the extra stash tab (battletag: dabien#1466), best solo GR so far is 59
I levelled a barb to 35 in one hit the other day.

L70 2 handed mighty weapon with 30k(ish) life on kill doing 4400 weapon DPS
Level 60 Gem of Ease
Hellfire Amulet of Strength
Hellfire Ring
Soulsmasher weapon passive in the cube

I started a T2 Neph rift as a L1 character. Walked into the rift. Swung the sword. The soulsmasher LOK procc'd across the entire map like a domino and EVERYTHING DIED.

From one hit.

Instantly level 35. Game took 15 minutes to catch up on the "level up" notifications.