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Originally Posted by F30lolz View Post
Everything falls on the QB both good and bad. Yes, team sport as the special teams, D/O lines, secondary, backs/WRís need to pull their own weight. However, you and every Cowboy fan I know keep proving my point that you guys are OK with regular season accomplishments but no hardware to show for since Aikman left. Romo was a GREAT October performer which is why I call him Mr. October (sorry Reggie). So please, keep throwing Romoís regular season numbers around as thatís what is most important to you over playoff accomplishments which Romo lacked. And you cannot have it both ways, Romo put up great numbers in the regular season and praise him while you say coaching and the defense or whatever excuse you want to say isnít Romoís fault in the postseason.

Like it or not these are facts. Romo didnít get the job done in the postseason, otherwise he would have the hardware, right?

As for Dak, heís still young but I donít see him leading/winning a Super Bowl. Iíve stated my opinions before on Dak but I think heís a watered down version of Romo. And again, Dak is the 2nd winningest QB behind Brady since he entered? Ok and, you want me to give a standing ovation? Cowboy fans do whatever it takes for some spotlight but if you knew football, itís the postseason that matters the most, not regular season accomplishments.

Come back when Dak wins a Super Bowl or at least gets far into January.

Youíll miss Mark Sanchez.
so its a team sport until the team sport narrative doesnt fit your narrative?

its not Daks fault the defense gave up 35pts vs the packers. If the defense could make a stop or 2 that game, Daks 31, which is great for a rookie qb, is more than enough. Rodgers had 30 seconds to go 40yds with 30 seconds left and defense gives up a 35yd pass with 10 seconds left to put them in position to hit the GW FG.

same for the rams game. If the defense makes a stop at the end of the game, dak has a chance. They let slow ass goff go for 11 on 3rd and 7 to shut the game out.

Both games, if the Defense actually holds their own, Cowboys have a good chance to win, and dak is looking at a 3-2 or better record.

FFS wentz got 32/yr and hasnt even been healthy for the playoffs. And russell wilson hasnt made it into late january since he shit the bed vs the pats in the sb, including an early exit at the hands of the cowboys last year. But hes totally worth the 35mill right?
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